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Articles in Ministry

CBS News Property Tax Assistance

PBS Black Issues Forum: LGBTQ in Schools & Protecting Kids' Mental Health


PBS Black Issues Forum: The Evolving
Role of the Black Church


NBC WRAL  On the Record: Gentrification, housing and the state of NC's economy

IAF: ONE Wake Proposes Property Tax Relief for Low-Income Residents of Gentrifying Neighborhoods

NBC WRAL Inside Look

ABC11 Covers Local Church’s COVID Vaccination Event at the 6:11 Minute Mark

NBC WRAL:  Funding justice: how local community leaders tap into resources to fuel their Work

NBC National: 2020 was a year of desperation and darkness. Here's how people around the world found hope

CBS 17: Advocates speak out on potential effect of 'Downtown South' on nearby Raleigh residents

ABC 11: Raleigh churches partner with Food Bank of North Carolina to feed hundreds in need

ABC 11: Hundreds celebrate Ambrose Episcopal Church's 150th Anniversary in Raleigh

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